The Advantages of Learning English Online

As technology and the modern era evolve, Speak Up now offers two options for learning English: in-person lessons that occur in the comfort of your home or online lessons. While most of us are well-acquainted with the advantages of in-person private lessons, online lessons are becoming a more practical and convenient solution for more people. Here are some of the advantages of learning online with Speak Up:

  • Convenience – Students that take online lessons can study from their living room, bedroom, office or any other place that is convenient for them. When a student studies from home, she can adapt the learning environment to suit how she learns best, like taking lessons with a hot drink in hand, or with the air conditioning on high, or to learn in her most comfortable chair. When the student feels comfortable in her learning environment, she will be more focused and calm and the lesson will be more effective.
  • Flexibility – No matter where the student is, as long as she has a computer or tablet with her, she can join the lesson and not miss it. Additionally, in the case when a student is sick or misses a lesson, there are ample opportunities to make up the lesson because traveling time isn’t a consideration.
  • Environmentally Friendly – There are thousands of worksheets, workbooks, games, and activities that you can print and bring to the classroom that are great for teaching. The downside is that these materials use lots of paper and are usually disposed of after each class. Speak Up teachers have a fabulous online curriculum at their disposal that uses few natural resources and is infinitely reusable. Also, learning online saves hundreds of gallons of gas when you consider that both the student and teacher don’t need to travel to get to the lesson.
  • Confidence – One of the most important parts of language learning is for the student to practice speaking. Many students feel uncomfortable or are embarrassed to talk in front of the teacher. When a student is taking part in an online lesson, sometimes speaking to the teacher through the computer screen can make it a bit easier to start speaking and can help build up a student’s confidence.
  • Specific Teachers – Speak Up has excellent and experienced teachers who only teach online. Want a teacher who previously taught elementary school in the United States, or a teacher with a Master’s degree in Education? We can pair you with these types of teachers more easily with online lessons. Also, if your teacher moves far away from you or for any reason can’t come and teach you in your home, online lessons can be a great solution. With online lessons even a teacher who lives in another city can teach you. With the online lesson option, you are sure to study with a teacher you love.

Speak Up provides live online lessons in a special virtual classroom that includes: a whiteboard, vocabulary games, and options for working on unseens, reading, and grammar. We also have a large curriculum that is specially designed for online lessons.

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