English for Relocation

Speak Up has helped over 100 families before and after their relocation. Our school has specialized materials to help prepare the children and adults in the family before relocation for the acclimation to the new culture, to the new work/school environment and to the daily English needs in the new country. Likewise, when families return from abroad, the children need specialized attention to ensure that they maintain their spoken fluence, authentic accent and advanced levels in reading and writing.

English Before Relocation

English instruction for adults before relocation focuses on helping the learner to feel comfortable and confident in all of the essential daily life interactions that will be faced both at work, as well as in all important social contexts.

English instruction for children before relocation aims to prepare children with the skills to make new friends in English, as well as prepare them for school life in an English immersion environment.

English After Relocation (Dovrei Anglit)

  • For children who have returned from abroad and have become semi-native or native-level speakers, Speak Up provides Native Speaker classes both as private lessons and in small groups.
  • Lessons are conducted 100% in English with Native English speaking teachers who are familiar with US/UK/International school system learning standards. Lessons are customized to the specific goals and preferences of the student. Typically, lessons will include: maintaining the authentic English accent and preserving spoken fluency; helping the student advance in their spelling, vocabulary, and reading studies to keep up with their peers in the foreign country; providing ample opportunities to practice and advance academic writing skills; as well we providing a social network for native English speakers to make friends and study in groups here in Israel.

Stages of the Course

  • Before lessons even begin at Speak Up, the student and parent are invited to a free private meeting with their new teacher and our school director. At the meeting we identify the specific goals and preferences of the family, the current reading and speaking level of the student, and discuss any learning challenges that need to be addressed.
  • Once lessons begin, the student meets weekly with the teacher for the private lessons where they work towards the student’s specific goals.
  • Speak Up teachers provide regular feedback to the parents as well as formal progress reports every spring.
  • Most students at Speak Up study with us for 2-4 years and report that they are far above their peers not only academically in English, but that they love English and speak with confidence and fluency!

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