English for Adults

English lessons for adults are taught by seasoned teachers who are native English speakers. All lessons are customized to the unique goals and preferences of the learner. Our goal, as teachers, is to equip the student so that she/he is speaking 80% of the meeting time. In general, lessons for adults are conducted entirely in English (with Hebrew translation, as needed). The main emphasis is increasing vocabulary and spoken fluency so that the adult student gains experience and confidence in all aspects of spoken and conversational English for travel, work and personal fulfillment.

English for adults emphasizes practical, spoken English and is customized to the specific goals of the student. Lessons include: conversational practice, learning the meaning and pronunciation of new words and sentence structures, accent training, fluency training, real-life speaking practice, as well as, reading and writing practice, when needed.

Stages of the course

  • Before the lessons begin, Speak Up sets up a free private meeting with the student, teacher and our school director. At the meeting, we determine the level of the student and set specific goals for the lessons based on the needs and preferences of the student.
  • Once lessons begin, the weekly meetings consist of customized activities and instruction to reach the goals of the learner. Our aim as a school is for the student to actively speak in their lessons 80% of the time.
  • Informal assessment and communication about the learner’s progress are conducted on a continual basis throughout the year.
  • Adult students typically study with us weekly for 6-18 months and enjoy increased success in their work as well as confidence and fluency in all aspects of conversational English in their daily life.

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